A tool for people in all areas of the media
If you are looking for people with media expertise, if you have expertise to offer, or if you want to organize a media project, Means to Meaning is here to help you.

For media professionals
As a professional such as a freelance writer, editor, designer, video editor or journalist looking for work, you can use this site to post details of your skills and wants, anonymously if you prefer. As an employed professional who wants a change of job, you can also post your details and state the kind of position you are looking for without revealing your name or current position if you don't want to. Visitors to the site can read your postings and contact you free of charge. We are not an employment agency: we are an enabling service for professionals and their projects.

Project support
The Information and suppliers section contains links to reference sources and suppliers in the media industries.

Customers in control
This site is structured to put individual designers, editors, writers, picture researchers or other media professionals firmly in control of the offers they make and the terms on which they work.

You can repeatedly update a current offer at no extra cost and you need never reveal your identity or email address to visitors, nor reply to an enquiry, if you do not want to.

Potential clients visit the site and can make contact with posting holders immediately and free of charge. Throughout the period of a posting, professionals have every opportunity to adjust their offers, and potential clients every opportunity to contact them in any way the posting holder chooses.