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If you are looking for work, for clients or for customers you can post a summary of your offer plus your CV or other information document on the Site after opening an account in the 'My means' section. Visitors to the site can read these postings and contact you immediately. You pay to make the posting, visitors browse and make contact with you free of charge.

Your posting automatically includes a Means to Meaning email box through which visitors to the site can contact you. If you prefer, in your posting you can ask visitors to contact you by phone, fax, post or any other means.

If you prefer to remain anonymous, you do not need to include your name in your Means to Meaning email address. All your registration details are kept confidential unless you choose to reveal them to visitors.

A posting can appear in up to three categories. For each further set of three categories, you will need to pay for a new posting.

Please note that your incoming and outgoing emails are automatically deleted from the Means to Meaning system if you close your customer account.

Posting your summary and optional CV RETURN TO TOP OF PAGE

Start to make a posting by going to the 'My means' page and opening an account. Once your account is set up, follow the instructions on screen to create your posting.

A minimum posting consists of a short summary of up to about 50 words stating what you want to offer and how to contact you. You can also post a CV or similar document of up to about 500 words, which visitors can access through your summary.

Once you have an active account, you can come back and add a CV to your summary at any time. Similarly, you can amend any part of your posting, or remove it, at any time you like.

To save time on line, you may want to compose your summary or your CV off line, copy it and paste it in. Please bear in mind that, for technical reasons, formatting possibilities are minimal. In general, you will get the best results if you compose your postings in plain text with no formatting.

Always keep a copy of your postings. Like any electronic system, ours is not perfect and we cannot guarantee to recover lost postings. By the same token, we do not store time-expired postings, so please keep a copy of your details off line in case you would like to display them again at a later date.

You can enable visitors to the site to have access to your posting from up to three skills categories. In this way, an illustrator who also wants to offer design and photographic services, for example, only needs to pay for one posting yet will be found by visitors to the site who search under any of the three categories. If you need to cover more than three categories, you can do this by making an additional payment and either duplicating your posting or setting up a separate one for the new categories.

If no category seems exactly right, make your posting in the nearest category available and let us know at info@meansto.com if there is a category you would like to see added to our site. If there is enough demand, we will add the category and you can move your posting to it later.

Prices and payment RETURN TO TOP OF PAGE

Click on the 'Price list' in the main menu to see our current prices and any special offers available at the moment.

Payment buys you a period of time during which your summary, and your CV if you have chosen to post one, is displayed. Time runs from the moment your summary first appears on the site. So a two-week slot booked on Wednesday 1st June at 14:10 will run until Wednesday 15th June at 14:09. We use UK time (Greenwich Mean Time, adjusted for daylight saving in the period March to October) as our time base; so if you want to know the exact moment when your posting is due to expire you may have to make allowances for BST (British Summer Time) and your local daylight saving time. We sometimes need to interrupt access to postings for brief periods in order to carry out essential maintenance. If this occurs, we add the corresponding time-span to your posting.

You can renew or prolong your posting at any time through your account in the 'My means' section of the Site.

Payment is by credit or debit card through the WorldPay on-line payment system which you access through this Site. For full details of WorldPay visit their website at www.worldpay.com and click on the UK regional button. WorldPay has been conducting electronic commerce since 1993 and is recognized by on-line traders as one of the most efficient and secure payment systems available over the internet. It is probably fair to say that banks and consumer organizations in general consider payment on line using systems such as WorldPay to be more secure than credit card purchases made over the telephone, or even purchases made in person where the card is removed from your presence, as often happens in restaurants and hotels.

You will be sent an acknowledgement of payment with a VAT receipt by e-mail. We do not send out paper documentation, so please save and print out these documents as you require for your records and tax purposes.

Amending, deleting or suspending your posting RETURN TO TOP OF PAGE

You do this through the 'My means' section. Once you have accessed your account, follow the instructions on screen to amend or delete your posting.

If you do choose to delete your posting, rather than amend it, there is no way to restore it later from within the Site and any unexpired time you have paid for will be lost. We do not reimburse or give time credits for deleted postings but we do provide a means to hold on to your slot without displaying your posting. In this way you can remake your posting, or replace it with a different one, at any time until your slot expires. The procedure involves replacing your posting with a notice in the 'Zayat', the Site's resting place for suspended postings, as follows:

  1. 1 Go to your 'My means' page and choose 'Amend' for the posting in question.
  2. Replace the posting summary with a notice such as 'Posting temporarily withdrawn'.
  3. Delete the text of your full posting, if you made one. (Remember to keep a copy off line.)
  4. Change the skills category to 'Zzzz... sleeping postings' in the drop-down menu in Category 1.
  5. Delete Categories 2 and 3, if used.
  6. Click on 'Save changes'.

When you want to reactivate your posting, simply click on its 'Amend' option on your 'My means' page, edit it as you desire and place it in the categories where you want to display it. It will then run to the end of its original time-span.


We do all we can to protect the security of the site. Please play your part by choosing passwords carefully, storing copies of them securely and by divulging them only to trusted people whom you require to enter your areas of the site. If you suspect any infringement of security, please let us know at once.