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How to use this site

Your personal customer account As a customer of the Site, you set up a personal account which allows you to compose, amend or remove postings which you pay to publish on the Site for all visitors to see free of charge. You can remain anonymous to visitors, if you prefer, and you decide how visitors should get in contact with you.

Most people use their postings to offer skills or services to potential clients or employers, but you could also offer collaboration with other media workers for purposes such as launching projects or sharing office space.

The 'My means' area holds the summary of your personal details, available only to you and to us, not to visitors, and allows you to amend your details.

Looking for skills RETURN TO TOP OF PAGE

Finding the right people The opening page of this section displays media skills by category. The underlined categories link to lists of our customers who are offering skills in that category. Clicking on an underlined category brings up the list of customers offering those skills and enables you to browse the summary of each customer. Some customers will opt to make a fuller CV or description available and you can access this by clicking the 'Click here to view full details' link on the summary.

Customers often have multiple skills and they can enable a summary to be accessed from up to three relevant categories of their choice. Customers can remove their postings at any time and must renew them periodically, so postings are as up to date as possible. Postings contain contact details and many have direct email and Web-site links.

You make contact with customers direct: either through the Site email system or by following the customer's own instructions given in the posting. Making contact with customers is free of charge. We ask you to respect customers by contacting them only for the purposes given in their postings.

Advertising your skills RETURN TO TOP OF PAGE

Making yourself available You do this through the 'My means' section of the site. Once you have set up an account, you can compose a 50-word summary that will appear in the lists of up to three skills categories of your choice. Visitors to the Site can browse these listings free of charge and can contact you direct through the Site email or by any means you advertise in your summary.

If you want to, you can also make a more extensive CV or offer available to visitors at no extra charge. Visitors access this by a 'Click here to view full details' link attached to your summary.

Information and suppliers RETURN TO TOP OF PAGE

Links to the media world These pages contain classified links to media information and suppliers, and to other sites and organizations which we think may be relevant to our customers and visitors. We contact all suppliers and information sources to whom we provide links and remove the links if they request us to do so. Even so, we do not endorse or recommend any of the companies or services mentioned in this section. The links are for your information and convenience and you should exercise normal caution when using the sites and services concerned.

Newcomers to the media RETURN TO TOP OF PAGE

Somewhere to start This is an overview of the media business and explains what your role in that world could be. Everyone has to start somewhere and this Site could be part of your starting strategy. As the purpose of the media, in the broadest sense, is to publish, the section is written from the perspective of bringing a media product to the public and is designed to give an idea of the common commercial realities underlying the business as a whole.

As with any general information, it may not be applicable in specific cases and doubtless many professionals would disagree with some of the assumptions which the section makes. Nevertheless, it gives a point of view about an occupation that you obviously find attractive, so whether as a panoramic photograph or as an impressionist painting, it offers you a landscape to explore.


Frequently asked questions Here you will find answers and explanations concerning the Site and its workings. Look here first when you have a query. This is an active section of the site which we add to as user queries become apparent.


Comprehensive searching within listings Many of our customers offer specialist skills and services which do not merit a category of their own but which may be vitally important to an individual visitor. Foreign language skills, specific geographical or historical knowledge, a goods vehicle driving licence, specific academic or professional qualifications are all examples of qualities that visitors might want to search for.

The Search engine will look for any occurrence of a term in the customer postings and should help you to find exactly what you want.

Terms and conditions RETURN TO TOP OF PAGE

The small print, written large We try to make the legal side of the site as simple as possible. To help with this we have prefaced our 'Terms and conditions' with an indicative summary which is there to give you some idea of what the full terms and conditions contain. The 'Indicative summary' is a short, selective description, made in good faith but with no legal status, indicating what the full 'Terms and conditions' contain. When you click to accept the 'Terms and conditions', you are accepting the full terms, not the summary.

  Price list  

How much does it cost? This page gives the current prices for new postings. Prices may change without notice for the usual commercial reasons so that a price available on one visit may not be available later.

This page also includes details of any special offers or free trial periods currently available. You can check these offers here and take advantage of them from the drop-down menu when making your posting.


Our details Postal, telephone and tax information.

A word to agencies RETURN TO TOP OF PAGE

Say who you are As an agency, you are welcome to make postings on this site but please state in your posting that you are an agency.
You undertake not to make fictitious postings, nor to make postings for people on your books without their written consent.