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Price list
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Promotional offer

Free trial offer for 6 months.

Register and log in through the ‘Login’ page, then make your posting as explained in ‘Advertising your skills’. When you go through the payment routine, select the price option '6 months free trial’. Your posting will be displayed for 6 months free of charge.

As an existing customer you can also take up the offer and extend your current posting by a further 6 months free of charge. On your 'My means' page, click the 'Amend' button beside your posting. On the amendment page, click on 'Extend posting period' and follow the instructions.

Standard pricing

Payment posts your 50-word summary and optional 500-word CV or information document for the following periods:

Two weeks - £9.00 (± €13.30) (± $16.83)

One month - £15.00 (± €22.20) (± $28.05)

Three months - £25.00 (± €37.00) (± $46.75)

Prices are based on GBP (Sterling) amounts and include VAT within the European Union. Euro and Dollar equivalents are guidelines only. Your credit-card company will convert the sterling amount to your local currency at the rate prevailing at the time of the transaction.

Receipts, invoices and VAT

On payment you will be sent an email to your declared email address confirming the transaction. You will also be sent a receipted invoice detailing the breakdown of the payment.

Prices are uniform worldwide irrespective of your local tax regime.

Within the European Union the overall price is made up of three elements:
• The Means to Meaning Ltd charge for providing its services.
• UK value added tax (VAT) at 17.5% of that charge.
• Banking and financial charges which are free of VAT.

The VAT-free charges usually explain why the VAT element of your invoice is not a simple function of the total price.